shrimp wonton noodle soup (S1)

Noodle in Soup 湯麵/河粉/米粉

Your choice of egg, ho fun or vermicelli noodle

S1. Beef Brisket in Noodle Soup 牛腩湯麵 $7.50

S2. Beef Tendon in Noodle Soup 牛根湯麵 $7.50

S3. Beef Brisket in Noodle Soup  牛根腩湯麵 $7.75

S4. Deep Fried Pork Chop in Noodle Soup 炸猪扒湯麵 $7.25

S5. Fried Chicken/Beef and Vegetables in Noodle Soup  時菜牛肉/雞片湯麵 $7.25

S6. Shredded Pork & Preserved Veg. Vermicelli Soup 雪菜肉絲湯米粉/麵/河粉 $7.25

S7. Mixed Seafood with Noodle in Soup 海鮮湯米粉/麵/河粉 $8.99