Stir Fried Beef with Mushroom and Brocolli

Combination Plates

served with steamed rice and daily soup

CB1. Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus and Dried Lyly Flower in Lotus Leaf $14.99

CB2. Steamed Chicken with Vegetable (Half) $12.99

CB3. Chicken with Ginger & Onion in Soya Sauce (Half) $12.99

CB4. Stewed Chicken with Chestnut (Half) $14.99

CB5. Chicken with Chinese Sausage and Mushroom (Half) $14.99

CB6. Steamed Chicken (Half)  $12.99

CB7. Sautee Diced Chicken with Salted Fish and Tofu $9.95

CB8. Braised Tofu with Vegetable  $9.50

CB9. Ma Po Tofu $8.99

CB10. Chicken and Mix Seafood with Tofu in Fujian Style $10.99

CB11. Beef/Chicken in Satay Sauce $10.99

CB12. Stir Fried Eggplant with Tofu in Satay Sauce $9.99

CB13. Deep-fried Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce  $9.99

CB14. Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Corn  $9.99

CB15. Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Special Soya Sauce  $9.99

CB16. Braised Fish with Tofu $10.50

CB17. Stir-fry Fish Fillet with Chinese Broccoli  $12.99

CB18. Stir-fry Shrimps with Vegetables $13.99

CB19. Stir-fry Mix Seafood with Vegetables $13.99

CB20. Scrambled Egg with Shrimp $10.99

CB21. Deep-fried Shrimp with Salt and Chili $11.99

CB22. Deep-fried Shrimp with Maggi Sauce $11.99

CB23. Deep-fried Squid with Salt and Chili  $10.99

CB24. Stir-fry Squid with Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce $10.99

CB25. Stir-fry Squid with Dried Shrimp in Spicy Sauce $12.50

CB26. Stir-fry Beef/Chicken with Vegetables $12.99

CB27. Stir-fry Beef/Chicken in Black Bean Sauce  $9.99

CB28. Beef/Chicken with Bitter Melon in Black Bean Sauce $9.99

CB29. Stir-fry Loofah with Beef/Chicken and Black Fungus  $9.99

CB30. Stir-fry Chicken/Beef and Mushroom with Ginger & Onion $10.99

CB31. Stir-fry Tofu with Beef  $9.99

CB32. Pork Chop in Special Sweet & Sour Sauce  $9.99

CB33. Pork Chop with House Special Soya Sauce $9.99

CB34. Pork Chop and Onion in Oyster Sauce  $9.99

CB35. Sweet & Sour Pork  $9.99

CB36. Pork Rubs with Preserved Vegetables  $10.99

CB37. Radish and Dried Black Fungus with Pork Rib  $10.99

CB38. Steamed Pork with Salt Fish $11.25

CB39. Pork Ribs and Dried Lyly Flower and Black Fungus $9.99

CB40. Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables $10.99

CB41. Stir-fry String Green Bean with Pork $9.50

CB42. Stir-fry Pork Sausage and Green Cauliflower $9.50

CB43. Stir-fry Vegetable with Garlic $10.99

CB44. Stir-fry Spinach with Garlic $9.99

CB45. Chinese Mushroom with Vegetable $9.99

CB46. Fried Chinese Mushroom and Eggplant in Bean Sauce $9.50

CB47. Dried Shrimp and Scallop with Vegetables $9.50

CB48. Stir-fry Two Kind Mushroom and Medlar with Bean Curds $10.99

CB49. Stir-fry Mix Vegetable with Garlic  $9.50

CB50. Chinese Greens $5.75

CB51. Beef Brisket in Curry Sauce  $9.99

CB52. Beef/Chicken in Curry Sauce $9.99

CB53. Chicken/Beef in Szechwan Sauce  $9.90

CB54. Shrimp in Szechwan Sauce $11.99

CB55. Mix Seafood in Szechwan Sauce $11.50

CB56. Mix Vegetables in Szechwan Sauce $8.99

CB57 Stir Fried Loofah with Dried Squid and Black Fungus Mushroom $13.99

CB59 Stir Fried Shrimp with Cashew Nut $12.99

CB60 Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut $11.99

CB61 PaPa Special Dish $13.99

CB62 Stir Fried Lotus with Mixed Vegetable $10.99